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eMortgage of NJ mortgage lenders has the Vacation Home Money you need for your home away from home! We are the More Mortgage for Your Money™ NJ mortgage lenders!

eMortgage of NJ™ has the Vacation Home Money you need!

The mountains… The shore… A secluded island in the Caribbean… It doesn’t really matter where you go to relax, you’ll need a mortgage to get that Vacation Home Money you desire! eMortgage of NJ™ the More Mortgage for Your Money™ NJ mortgage lenders has the right mortgage products to make it happen. If you love a place enough to return year after year, it may make sense to buy a vacation home you can call your own. In many cases, eMortgage of NJ™ can help you put the equity you’ve earned in your primary residence to work to help make your vacation dream come true. 


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Here are some considerations to keep in mind before purchasing a vacation home:

Location: Is it close enough that you’ll be able to use the property often? You’ll pay a premium for a home in a vacation hot spot, but don’t worry. With eMortgage of NJ™, the More Mortgage for Your Money™ NJ mortgage lenders, vacation home money may be less expensive than you think! A premium vacation home can also be a Prime Investment Property where you command a higher rental price to offset some of your costs*.

Tax implications:* You can deduct your Vacation Home Money (mortgage) interest on a second home—that is, if you use it at least 14 days each year or one day for every 10 days it’s rented.

Repairs: Even if your Dream Vacation house needs a little work to be perfect, consider an eMortgage of NJ™ Home Equity or Line of Credit from your primary residence. Use this for Updates to kitchens, bathrooms, HVAC systems and roofs – all of which can all be costly!

Maintenance: Maintaining your Vacation Home means you’re protecting your Vacation Home Money. If you don’t live nearby, you’ll need to contract with someone to keep the house in good shape and looking lived-in. Even with the Best Maintenance over time your Vacation Home can need turns repairs. eMortgage of NJ™ has you covered if normal maintenance turns into Repair, Replacement or Upgrade with products like our eMortgage of NJ™ Home Equity.

Above are just some of the issues eMortgage of NJ™ wants you to consider when you’re thinking about buying a vacation home. Before choosing a eMortgage of NJ™ Loan product, always start with our Free, easy-to-use NJ Mortgage Calculator first!

*Consult your tax advisor

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