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At eMortgage of NJ, we make you Money with our NJ Home Mortgage Refinance! We are the More Mortgage for Your Money™ NJ Mortgage company no one works harder to get you the Lowest NJ Mortgage Rates!

What eMortgage of NJ Wants You to Know About NJ Home Mortgage Refinance

Refinancing is the process of paying off an existing loan with a new one. Some eMortgage of NJ™ customers refinance to take advantage of the Lowest NJ Mortgage Rates, which lowers the monthly payment. Others simply refinance in order to get money out of the equity in their home.

As a NJ Refinance Mortgage company it might also make sense if you want to change the type of loan; for example, if you have an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) and interest rates rise, you may want to refinance with a fixed-rate loan either way you’ll want the Lowest NJ Mortgage Rates . Before choosing any eMortgage of NJ™ Loan product, always start with our Free easy to use NJ Mortgage Calculator first.

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Let eMortgage of NJ tell you more about the various refinance options available to you:

Fixed loans with 10 to 30-year terms: A fixed loan is the most common type of financing. The interest rate and the principal and interest (PI) payment remain constant for the length of the loan.


Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs): An Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) offers an initial rate that is lower than a fixed-rate mortgage, but the ARM’s interest rate may change over the life of the loan. The rate is tied to an index, such as the One-Year Treasury Bill. When the index rate changes, the loan rate moves up or down accordingly. Caps limit how much the rate can change on your NJ Home Mortgage Refinance.


Balloon Mortgages: A balloon mortgage features low rates and low fixed monthly payments for a period of time—usually five to seven years. At the end of the time period, a final “balloon” payment for the remaining balance of the loan is due. With low initial rates, Balloon Mortgages may be a good choice for borrowers who plan to move to their next home before the balance becomes due.


eMortgage of NJ Loan Programs

As your NJ Mortgage company Direct Lender, we offer a full spectrum of NJ Home Mortgage Refinance loan programs with a streamlined application process and High Touch Customer Care. Which means – you talk with a real person! With an eMortgage of NJ™ Refinance Loan you might be able to free up enough monthly income for that Vacation Home you’ve always wanted because we work hard to try and get you the Lowest NJ Mortgage Rates!


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