Money from a NJ Home Equity Loan

Get Money now with an eMortgage of NJ Home Equity Loan! We are the More Mortgage for Your Money™ Direct Lender!

Get Money with an eMortgage of NJ Home Equity Loan!

eMortgage of NJ™, the More Mortgage for Your Money™ Direct lender, is here if you need help with expenses, a New Jersey Home Equity Loan, Credit Line, or Second Mortgage. These allow you to borrow against the value of your home to finance your expenses. You can use the cash from a Home Equity Loan for whatever you need:


Down payment on a Second, Investment or Vacation property

College education

Home repairs / renovations

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Contact eMortgage of NJ™ to get a Home Equity Loan in New Jersey!

The loan process is similar to a First Mortgage. With High Touch Care from Loan Professionals eMortgage of NJ™, we will have you through it in No Time! Before choosing any eMortgage of NJ™ Loan product, always start with our Free, easy-to-use NJ Mortgage Calculator first.

You will receive your eMortgage of NJ™ Home Equity money in the form of a lump sum, and you will make monthly payments of a set amount over a fixed period. Typically, you will continue to make your original mortgage payments along with payments on your Home Equity Loan. Interest on the loan may be tax deductible*.

*Consult your tax advisor

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