Money for Investment/NJ Flip Properties Mortgages

eMortgage of NJ has Millions to Loan for Investment Property Loans NJ!!! NJ Investment / NJ Flip Properties Mortgages are our speciality – We are the More Mortgage for Your Money™ Direct Lender!

eMortgage of NJ™ has Millions for Investment Property Loans NJ!

 eMortgage of NJ™ has the money you need to buy NJ Investment and NJ Flip Properties! Decade after decade, Real Estate has proven to be a solid investment. A rental property can generate cash flow in addition to building equity. At eMortgage of NJ™, the More Mortgage for Your Money™ Direct Lender, we get you the Money for Investment Property Loans NJ! NJ Investment / NJ Flip Property Mortgages are our Specialty!


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Owning investment properties may also offer certain tax advantages:

Type: Do you want a duplex, triplex or quad that you can live in yourself while renting other units? Or do you want to buy a condo, townhouse or single-family home? Do you plan to rent the property out year-round, or use it as a vacation rental? If the latter, will you also use the property yourself?

Repairs: If the house needs work, consider whether you’ll earn your investment back. Updates to kitchens, bathrooms, HVAC systems and roofs can all be costly. eMortgage of NJ™ has products such as Home Equity Loans to help with these expenditures down the road.

Local Landlord/Tenant Laws: You’ll need to do some research on local regulations, particularly on rent control or other laws that could affect your ability to cover your mortgage payment, property taxes and expenses.

Location: You’ll pay a premium for a property in a more desirable neighborhood or a vacation hot spot, but you may command a higher rental price. eMortgage of NJ has Money for Investment Property Loans NJ in Prime areas because we’re the More Mortgage for Your Money™ company!

Maintenance: Maintaining the property helps protect your investment. If you don’t live nearby, you’ll need to contract with someone to keep the house in good shape and that takes Money for NJ Investment Properties. eMortgage of NJ™ has you covered if normal maintenance turns into Repair, Replacement or Upgrade with products like our eMortgage of NJ™ Credit Lines.

Tax implications*: There are lots of things beside the NJ Investment / NJ Flip Properties Mortgages itself. You can Deduct Operating Expenses that exceed the amount of rent you collect on an investment property, and you can Depreciate an investment property. You can Deduct Losses on the sale of an investment property, but you must pay capital gains tax on profits. The implications may change if you live in the home.

Above are just some of the issues eMortgage of NJ™ wants you to consider when you’re thinking about Money for Investment Property Loans NJ as a NJ Investment / NJ Flip Property Direct lender. Before choosing eMortgage of NJ™ Loan product, always start with our Free, easy-to-use NJ Mortgage Calculator first!

*Consult your tax advisor

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