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At eMortgage of NJ, we can help you if you need a NJ First Time Home Buyer Mortgage. We are the More Mortgage for Your Money™ Direct Lender!

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At eMortgage of NJ™, we know there is nothing like having a home to call your own! If you are a NJ First Time Home Buyer in need of a mortgage, then eMortgage of NJ™ is determined to get you More Mortgage for Your Money™ to make that First Home a reality!

A First Home is the ultimate symbol of the American Dream! For generations of NJ First Time Home Buyer, it has proven to be a wise investment. The potential benefits of home ownership include tax deductions, control over loan payment options and the accumulation of equity as the value of your home increases.

Of course, you’re responsible for property maintenance—but you can also upgrade your home as you see fit. eMortgage of NJ™ has other products like Home Equity, Refi and Debt Consolidation to give you the money you need for those upgrades. If you plan to live in one place for a few years, take the leap and become a NJ First Time Home Buyer with eMortgage of NJ™. It really does make a lot of sense!

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Here are some considerations to keep in mind when you’re thinking about becoming a NJ First Time Home Buyer:

Location: Do you prefer city, suburbs or countryside? Do you want to live in an established neighborhood or a new development? Do you have school-age children? How do you feel about commuting time?

A lot depends on your lifestyle. Do you want a big yard where you can indulge your love for gardening, or would you prefer a maintenance-free condo? Do you need extra bedrooms for a growing family or out-of-town guests? Do you enjoy renovating and redecorating, or would you rather find a home in “move-in” condition?


Repairs: Fixer-uppers can be great deals—but if the house needs work, consider whether you’ll earn your investment back. Updates to kitchens, bathrooms, HVAC systems and roofs can all be costly.


eMortgage of NJ™ is determined to get you More Mortgage for Your Money™

Before choosing any eMortgage of NJ™ Loan product, always start with our Free, easy-to-use NJ Mortgage Calculator first to determine how much home you can afford.

Contact one of our licensed eMortgage of NJ™ consultants to review your credit and finances and pre-approve you for a loan—so you know exactly how much money you have to spend—and can explain all the loan options available to you.

NJ First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Direct Lender

Buying your first home is a big step. The Federal and State governments offer a variety of programs that can make taking that step easier for many would-be homeowners. In addition, the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA, or Fannie Mae) offers start-up loans with low down-payment requirements.

A good first step for any NJ First Time Home Buyer is to talk with one of our eMortgage of NJ™ professional mortgage consultants to see what options are available and what you can afford and remember we are your More Mortgage for Your Money™ Direct Lenders! 


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