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eMortgage of NJ is one of the best NJ mortgage companies to finance the Custom Home of your Dreams with a NJ Custom Home Mortgage! We are the More Mortgage for Your Money™ Direct Lender!

eMortgage of NJ has the BEST NJ Custom Home Mortgage!

You got a great promotion… The value of your current home has skyrocketed… You’ve visited 1000 open houses… You have a photo catalog of things and ideas you want in your next home. If only you could build a custom home. At eMortgage of NJ™, the More Mortgage for Your Money™ Direct Lender, we’re ready to help you with NJ Custom Home Mortgages. We help you get the Money you need to make that happen: from buying the land, pre-construction, construction, and post-construction changes.

At eMortgage of NJ™, our high-touch customer care representatives make us one of the best NJ mortgage companies and are here to guide you every phase of the construction NJ Custom Home Mortgage funding process!

As one of the best NJ mortgage companies eMortgage of NJ™ we know your dream house won’t come from a cookie cutter. You have a vision of a home that is uniquely your own. Maybe you’re looking for a lot? Maybe you already own the perfect piece of land—and you’re just looking for an architect and a builder who can make your vision a reality – only one of best NJ mortgage companies can! 

Financing new construction with eMortgage of NJ™ differs from other types of NJ mortgages. A construction-to-permanent loan, or an owner-builder loan, usually has two components. Initially, the loan covers the costs of construction materials and labor—usually for a predetermined period. When the construction is finished, the NJ Custom Home Mortgage converts to a regular NJ mortgage on the home.

The first step in obtaining construction financing is to qualify for the long-term mortgage. Then, an eMortgage of NJ™ high-touch NJ Custom Home Mortgage consultant with construction loan experience will review your plans—blueprints, contractors and suppliers, etc.—before granting the short-term loan to cover your construction budget. A percentage of this is usually secured by cash and/or land.

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When you’re ready to List your current home For Sale, we at eMortgage of NJ suggest 2 things:

1st) Find and start talking with a Professional Real Estate Agent, who can give you an idea of what your current home might be worth. They can also help with any Curb Appeal changes that might make your home more marketable. Staging your home, adding a fresh coat of paint, sealing the driveway, cleaning out clutter and arranging furnishings to show each room at its best–all this can often help you get a better price.


2nd) Have a Home Inspection done to make sure the New Homeowners can get a CO (Certificate of Occupancy). In New Jersey, Laws are changing all the time regarding electrical codes, septic and other issues. What may have been totally acceptable 20 years ago may not be today. This will STOP your Home Buyers from getting a CO – No CO = No Sale!

Repairs can often be expensive and as a Home Seller you have 3 choices: Fix them Now, Fix them Later or Take the Money off the Sale price. eMortgage of NJ™ can provide you with a Quick Cash Credit Line to get those repairs done quickly! Get your current home SOLD so you can be on to Bigger and Bigger things!

Sprucing up landscaping and refurbishing or replacing the Front Door to add “Curb Appeal” are 2 of the most important things. Did you know 70% of NJ Home Buyers will drive past the home they are interested in buying before they contact a Realtor to see inside? Then spend only 3 seconds deciding whether they like it before they move onto the next one? Make yours stand out! Even if you might not be looking to Sell today, but 6 months from now, eMortgage of NJ™ can provide you with a Short-term Home Equity product. You don’t have to spend your cash today to get the most Money out of your home.

Let eMortgage of NJ help determine your Home Equity and how much NJ Custom Home Mortgage you can afford!

eMortgage of NJ™ always thinks it’s a good idea to get prequalified for a mortgage, so you know how much you’ll have to spend when you start looking for you next home. The agent who is selling your home can help you find just the right place. Or you may want to work with someone who specializes as a buyer’s agent. Either way, contact eMortgage of NJ™ the More Mortgage for Your Money™ Direct Lender.

Before choosing any eMortgage of NJ™ Loan product, always start with our Free, easy-to-use NJ Mortgage Calculator first to determine how much Home you can afford.


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